South Africa: Cape Town to Point Agulhas

In comparison to Ethiopia, Zambia or Zimbabwe our trip to South Africa offered something queer and unique.  There was a degree of discomfort being part of a wealthy minority and there was a palpable tension underlying the calmness we experienced in the streets.  The wounds of Apartheid and the healing racial divide has not culminated with a united populace nor a common national identity.

An amazing international airport, first world streets and highways, excellent  signage, American style shopping and beautiful and spacious homes juxtaposed with ‘unplanned development’ (AKA the slums) literally next door.  It’s as if Tijuana is abutting Beverly Hills although that analogy does not do TJ justice.


Barbed wire or razor fencing with an electric fence in front of it prevents the poverty stricken criminal element from simply seizing whatever they can.  We may have poverty in America …., but nothing to the degree they have in Africa.

City scape of Cape Town from the tram to Table Top
City scape of Cape Town from the tram station at the base of Table Top Mountain

The cape itself is a long stretch of land with quaint villages and small towns hugging a rugged Atlantic coastline and a relatively calm and peaceful eastern shore with golden sandy beaches.

This seaside restaurant is nestled along the shore of Big Bay just north of Cape Town and depicts nicely why Table Top Mountain is so named

We spent a day traveling through South African wine country and down to point Agulhas at the end of Africa.  A beautiful country drive littered with westernized farming and small towns along the way.

The southern most point of the African continent and the joining of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans!
The southern most point of the African continent and the joining of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans!

Our 4 day whirlwind tour of the cape was a non-stop adventure through some of South Africa’s most beautiful beaches, finest wineries and delicious restaurants.  We even found a great American Pale Ale to imbibe with wood fire oven pizza for lunch! Yum.

If it wasn’t for the slums and demographic reversal we could have been weekending in Paso Robles and lounging in Cayucos.


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