Driving From California to Washington by Louis DiModica

The drive from California to Washington is particularly unique and beautiful because of the changes of weather due to the topography and the variances in rainfall.  The main noticeable regions are the southern California desert, the wine country in northern California, the forest in Oregon and Washington, the coast of Oregon, and the rainforest of the Olympic peninsula in Washington.

Enjoying low tide at Ruby Beach, WA

Beginning in Southern California, the desert is the first noticeable region.  The scenery here consists mostly of rolling, sandy hills and small, scarce shrubs.  Frequent citrus and avocado orchards are the only green plants in sight.  No major bodies of water exist here except for the aqueduct along the Interstate 5.  Considering how boring the scenery is, we watched movies while we drove through here.

Now, we saw the wine country of Northern California.  Taller hills and low mountains make a more rugged landscape.  Green grass, trees and vineyards make this region beautiful.  On our trip we flew through this region and got to watch more movies.

Awesome shipwreck remains seen at Fort Stevens, OR. Who knew the continental US was attacked by the Japanese in WWII? Love learning!

Then, passing the borders into Oregon and Washington, the trees take over.  High snowy mountains that just come out of nowhere are great for pictures.  Pine, cedar, and spruce trees give a slight feeling of claustrophobia.  Rivers and lakes are frequent and have greater volume.  I had the chance to go water skiing for the first time by Seattle, WA.  I would absolutely love to do it again.

Louis got up the first time! Thank you so much, Greg and Katie!

Windy roads carried us down the beautiful Oregon coast.  Steep seaside cliffs and graceful bays flow in and out as waves crash below.  Still lots of trees and lakes and rivers.  While here, we met our cousins at the beach.  The water was much colder than at home.

“Cousin Power” to build the “dam”! Lincoln City, OR

Driving in the Olympic rainforest, it is most likely raining.  On average this area receives 12 feet of rain/year.  Some of the world’s largest trees are in this rainforest.  While we were her, it was, of course, raining.  We built a homemade shelter out of a tablecloth and rope we found at another campsite and we built a 3-ft tall campfire!

The drive from California to Washington is one of great beauty in different topography seen along the way.  From the desert to the rainforest, these unique biomes make it a beautiful drive.


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  1. Great job, Louis! 👏👏👏
    Highlight was getting hugs from grandparents and seeing them, right?
    Did we not take pictures this time? Oh we did of the yard workers! 😊

  2. Amazing report. Glad you went on this adventure. What a great way to see the U.S. Keep writing so we can see what is next for your adventures.

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